WTF News (Week 12)

Hello and welcome to issue number seven of WTF News, our biweekly status update.

This release introduces the first interactive tests, and our first major inconsistencies between wallets: eth_sign and eth_signTransaction.

Some wallets have treated eth_sign as a "sign raw data" operation, while others implement it as "sign prefixed text", while still others disable it entirely. Similarly, eth_signTransaction is often not supported at all.

For these cases, we've chosen to test for the behaviour specified in the JSON-RPC specification and treat anything different as a test failure.

Call to Action🔗

We want to expand our tests for WTF, to catch issues like last update's connection issue. To that end, if you work on a wallet that works offline (aside from the RPC provider) and want to try out WTF, get in touch with us!

Code Changes🔗

New Tests🔗